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Why Auto Insurance?

According to the Texas DMV, about twenty percent of drivers on the road do not have car insurance. This is risky for several reasons: it is illegal and can put you at great financial risk. Without car insurance, you have no support in paying for any damage to your vehicle, or to pay any property damage your vehicle may cause. Fixing a car can cost a great deal of money, and many people cannot afford to pay all costs out of pocket.

At Gulledge Insurance, we can help you find the right auto insurance company for your needs. With over 22 years of experience, we can either help you meet the minimum legal requirements, or find the level of coverage that makes the most sense for your financial situation. If you need auto insurance in Sugar Land, call 281-207-0771 today.

State Requirements for Car Insurance

If you are simply looking for the car insurance that you need in order to drive legally, Gulledge Insurance can help you find the cheapest policy available, whether your are a high risk driver or you are safe behind the wheel. The state coverage requirements include:

A total of $60,000 for bodily injury from the accident
$30,000 for bodily injury for each individual in an accident
$30,000 overall damage coverage for an accident
Remember, if you are caught driving without meeting the minimum legal requirements for auto insurance, you will be forced to pay expensive fines, and your license will be suspended. Driving on a suspended license carries further penalties.

Additional Auto Insurance Coverage

Not everybody is content to settle for the minimum state requirements, and at Gulledge Insurance, we will work with you to determine what type of car insurance policy will be the best for you. We will go over your financial situation in order to determine your ideal policy, and find the provider that offers it. Here are some of the things that will be considered:

Assets: The more assets you have, the more liability coverage you will want in order to protect these assets. These assets will also determine what your deductible should be, because a higher deductible means lower premiums.
Vehicle: Some vehicles are considered higher risk, and some vehicles are old enough that they require very little coverage.
Income: A policy will need be designed specifically to match your ability to pay for it.

Get Car Insurance in Sugar Land, Texas

It is a crime in Sugar Land not to have auto insurance. Moreover, driving without insurance puts you at severe financial risk. Even minor car accidents can be expensive, and without insurance, you will have to pay for everything out of your own pocket. Costs of an accident can increase exponentially if you have to go to court. Gulledge Insurance is not an insurance brokerage. This means that we are free to shop around to find you the absolute best coverage you can afford. If you need auto insurance in Sugar Land, call Gulledge Insurance at 281-207-0771 for more information.

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